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The Procurement Process of any construction venture, regardless of magnitude and complexity, is an imperative component of the project’s overall success. For this very reason, LA Construction Concept identifies and pre-qualifies all potential contractors to ensure that they are capable of achieving the vision of our clients.  We ensure they have the right credentials and are the right fit to produce an outcome in-line with both our expectations and our client’s. In addition, we have well-established relationships with some of the top General and Sub-Contractors in Southern California, which allows us to provide our clients with fair and competitive pricing for any project. 

LA Construction Concept generates a construction Scope of Work for every client in the Procurement phase. The Scope of Work is distributed at the construction job walk, wherein we thoroughly cover and explain all aspects of the design drawings and construction process. We take great pride in ensuring that each job walk is both detailed and comprehensive.  As bids are submitted to the client and LA Construction Concept, we utilize our construction knowledge and expertise to evaluate all associated prices, which reflect the design drawings and Scope of Work provided. We then compare all bids by evaluating the bid breakdown summary, which provides extensive data about each project.

As part of our service, we negotiate contractor pricing to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value. Once a price is mutually agreed upon and finalized, we then review and advise the most suitable contract to benefit our clients.  LA Construction Concept recognizes the complexity and risk associated with contract agreement and their various forms and levels of complexity.  Let LA Construction Concept provide you with the comprehensive oversight necessary to achieve an all-encompassing contract that yields the best results for your unique needs. 

  • Construction Scope of Work

  • Generate RFP

  • Pre-Qualify Contractors

  • Create Contractor Bid List

  • Conduct Construction Contractor Job-Walk

  • Process Contractor RFI’s

  • Contractor Bid Analysis

  • Contractor Bid Breakdown

  • Award Contractor Project

  • Define Contract Type

  • Issue Construction Contract

  • Order Long Lead Equipment

  • Provide Submittals to Engineers

  • Permit Management

  • Define General Conditions

  • FF&E Requirements

  • Bid Phase Management

  • Prepare Project for Construction

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