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LA Construction Concept assists in a variety of additional construction-related services to fulfill our client’s project-specific needs. We conduct Constructability Reviews to provide a second opinion on design development drawings (DD) and design completion drawings (CD) resulting in an opportunity to reduce construction costs where feasible. We also implement extensive design reviews utilizing our experienced team of engineering and construction consultants  who can prospectively point out design discrepancies and potential constructability conflicts in the field.

In addition, LA Construction Concept surveys and assesses the condition of our client’s existing facility. We conduct complete code analysis including egress, occupancy, fire areas/rating, ADA compliance, Title 24 Energy Compliance, parking requirements, and MEP capacity studies. Furthermore, we analyze the condition of existing equipment, review existing facility as-built drawings, examine structural/seismic conditions, and prepare reports that define existing facility conditions for each major system.

LA Construction Concept also provides a range of project estimates, including conceptual estimates, design development estimates, and construction estimates. The conceptual estimates yield an overall budgetary cost and assist with the planning process, whereas both the D/D and construction estimates encompass unit costs, labor costs, general conditions, FF&E (where applicable), and ultimately provide a more in-depth breakdown of project-associated costs.

 Regardless of how limited or extensive your project needs may be, LA Construction Concept is committed to providing you with top-rate service that ensures a successful outcome the first-time doing business with us.

  • Project Rescue and Completion

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Facility Condition Assessments

  • Estimating Services 

  • Design Assist

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